Life Is Short

Time is precious. Life is short. There’s barely enough time to do what you need to do – career responsibilities, family commitments, community obligations – before getting around to the things you WANT to do – getting fit, staying healthy and pursuing the purposeful life you’ve only imagined for yourself. Knowing that you need help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

CREALITY is NOT psychotherapy, although at times it may seem like it. Creating your new reality involves a provocative interaction with an engaged, objective and passionate person focused on you! I know the power of that interaction because I experienced it myself. Now I want to share it.

Your trust in my integrity is critical to our working relationship, which is why I adhere strictly to the principles privacy and confidentiality. I also choose not to engage in work that is illegal or in any way harmful to either of us. Positive outcomes only!

CREALITY works by a combination of talking, listening, thinking, writing and finally, acting on the course of action you’ve been coached to create. It all starts with a FREE 30-minute phone or in-person consultation, after which we will both know if it makes sense to proceed. We will agree on a schedule of sessions and determine a fee depending on the customized program we develop together. The next step is yours.

You CAN Change Your Reality